We want to personally take you and your idea through the exact system we use to build successful online businesses
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Remember I am giving away 3 bonuses worth £691 if you purchase them the conventional way. I don’t know if I can even afford to give these bonuses away in the future like this.

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What's included
in your 30-day online business LAUNCHPAD
Proven System
We teach you the online marketing principles you can use now and for any business in the future, even your property business
Complete Blueprint
A Step by step guide on how to put it all into practice

We will be here for live chat and support the whole way through, you are not left alone in this process
Here's exactly what you’ll learn

A detailed rundown for you of EVERYTHING we’ll be working on together during the 30 days

Step #1 : Making the Pledge

Covering the basics and making a commitment to follow through. We'll introduce group elements to help you get through the process as well as talk about what to do if you get caught up.

Step #2 : Defining your Niche

We begin to lock down where you'll start your online empire from! We start with niche selection to put our business on the best footing possible moving forward. 

Step #3 Market Verification

We learn how to quantify market sizes using free tools, allowing us to back our previous niche decisions with data. We find our initial audience of 1 million people.

Step #4 Competition

You might be starting to worry about competition now. Don't! Competitors are great - you'll believe us soon! With our new mindset towards competitors we carry out competitor research for product ideas. 

Step #5 Your Funnel

Today we draw up your sales funnel, the core value ladder of your business. This will be a blueprint moving forward as we construct each part of your funnel. 

Step #6 Minimum Viability Product

We work out the most BASIC form of product/service you can produce. Putting something this stripped down requires confidence in the value we are bringing so we also talk about the Lean start up methodology today. 

Step #7 Ship It!

Today we launch your stripped down product to see what people think. The only worthwhile feedback comes from customers - not well meaning peers. So we ship!

Step #8 Content Marketing

We discuss how we are going to build an Audience of people to tell about our product. We'll reveal the absolute best method for doing this so that we can safely ignore everything else. 

Step #9 Personal Branding

The power of personal branding and why becoming known in your field is so important for your online success. We explain why this doesn't mean you need to become an Instagram model but how this is more about being your authentic self. 

Step #10 Your Message

We look at your "pitch" - what you stand for and what value you bring the world - and distill it into concise snippets for you to deliver.

Step #11 Going Live

We introduce live video, show you how to access it and get set up ASAP. Favouring the low-tech options where possible means literally anyone with a phone and internet connection can follow today's exercise.

Step #12 Confidence

The main reason you don’t like being on camera or hearing your voice is your ego.Here’s a truth: no-one else cares! Confidence comes from practice. The more hours we put in the easier it gets. So let’s get started. 

Step #13  Branding

How to make our social platforms look professional without spending a penny. We introduce some great design tools that anyone can use. 

Step #14 Boosting

Why organic reach is dead and it makes sense to spend a small (£5) amount on getting our content out there. 

Step #15 Content Research

The worst thing is to sit down with the intention of recording and not know what we’re going to talk about. Today we'll be generating a list of go-to topics so you are never caught without ideas.

Step #16 Content Structure

There are plenty of ways to structure the value you are putting out there in the world. Today we review the different content structures as a jumping off point for our content schedule.

Step #17 Platforms

Today we investigate some of the biggest and weigh up pros/cons. Knowing the value of certain platforms can also help us avoid chasing shiny new objects.

Step #18 Content Repurposing

Understanding the concept of “make once, publish many” is key to success online. In fact this model underpins the success of digital sales as a whole.

Step #19 Content Plan

Today we’ll draw on what we’ve discovered and pull together a content plan. By the end of this we want to have our next 10 content pieces planned so we can just get on with it!

Step #20 Remarketing

Remarketing is a fancy term for getting in touch with people who have already shown an interest in what we have to offer. These powerful tools can be used to talk to only those people who actually CARE about what it is we have to say.

Step #21 Tribe

You’re an expert who has value to offer. People have started to notice. Now it’s time to start banging the drum and build your tribe.

Step #22 Tribe Setup

The internet has made tribes global - we have tools at our disposal to pull together people from all over the world around common interests. We’ll discuss different ways to form up our tribe and give our recommendation.

Step #23 Building the Tribe

We study other Tribes to find best practices. This will help us to define our Tribe call to action which we’ll produce in the next step of the process.

Step #24 Tribal Call 

We tie together everything from the past few steps and produce a Call to Action video to grab people and bring into our Tribe. 

Step #25 Exclusive Content

Today we look at some tribe exclusive content you can provide to your members. We’ll make some decisions, set a schedule and then produce a Hello video to set expectations with our members.

Step #26 Offer

Now we can make an offer. We don’t even call it “sales” at this point because you’ll find that it’s more a matter of telling your tribe what you have to offer and them saying “yes please”

Step #27 Offer Ideas

Once you have the attention of an audience and tribe there are a LOT of ways to generate revenue. Today we look at a range of options to get started. Not all of these models will work whilst others will jump out as right for you and your tribe.

Step #28 The "Perfect" Product

We discuss the perfect product you can produce for your Tribe and begin product development. We work through a step by step process to develop your product plan and give you the next steps in its construction. 

Step #29 Taking Payment

How to take payment without having to set up a full eCommerce system. We keep it low-cost so you can launch your perfect product on your Tribe and generate your first revenue. We cover sales scripts to make the sale easily. 

Step #30 Next Steps

The first £ is always the hardest. Think of it as 0 to 1, proving the value of your offering. From 1 to 100, 100 to 1000 is much simpler because you’ve proven the basic value proposition. 
We explore next steps now that you're on your way. 

How will the 30-day LAUNCHPAD programme be delivered?

DAILY Live Sessions
M-F between 9-5
Schedule set in advance
Long-form LIVE Q&A sessions to answer any query + bonus chat functionality
For Life
Watch anything back as many times as you want as it's all recorded for you
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Bonus #2 15 Hours Online Marketing audio guide

15 hours of audio from Kyle, head of digital marketing - Compliments the workbook perfectly - Listen anywhere - There is no excuse not to get customers after listening to this

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Bonus #3 7-Day KICKSTART
I can’t believe we are giving this away - Turns your 30-day programme into a 7+30 day online business programme - 7x DAILY LIVES - Nail your business idea even if you have one or don’t - Find out if there is a market for this idea - Completely data-driven approach - You will sit this programme before you sit the 30 days

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497 inc. VAT 
  • 30 Day Online Business LAUNCHPAD (normally £497)
  • 90 Page Digital Downloadable Workbook (normally £97)
  • 15 Hour Online Marketing audio guide  (normally £97)
  • 7 Day Online Business KICKSTART (normally £497)
  • £1,188 worth of education for just £497 today


INStalment plan now available
150 x 4 instalments
Monthly payment of £150 including VAT for 4 months
    Is there a couples price?
    There is no couple price but if you live in the same household then simply watch the lives together. 
    When will the lives be run?
    The lives will run during the Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm .  We will release the exact schedule for you once enrolled. Remember too that all the recordings will be available shortly after the Live stream finishes. 
    Can I do this along side my current property trainings?
    Absolutely. These skills are highly complementary, especially because Harms' experience crosses into digital marketing and property. You will have an edge on all other students in the classroom and will be able  to adapt offline strategies you learn in your property training to the online world.
    I am not tech savvy, don't use facebook or social media?
    Amazing - we are strong believers that social media should be for business use FIRST, then personal. Kyle doesn't even use social media personally. Only for business. 
    And we provide video walkthroughs on how to use all the tools we will be teaching you about.

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